The joys of cooking with cast iron

05 August 2013 | Home and Kitchen

Sure, it looks good if enameled in lovely bright colours, and certainly feels expensive by its very weight but why is cast iron so good?

Cast iron cookware evenly distributes heat and retains heat for consistent cooking results. If you've tried to panfry a steak in a normal non-stick frypan - it will cook, eventually, but you'll probably end up with a pretty charred bit of meat on the outside (even if it's rare inside) and a lot of smoke in the kitchen! In a cast iron griddle pan, you wait a little longer for the pan to heat up, but once ready the heat is retained and distributed perfectly throughout the cooking process so that the meat cooks quickly, it retains its juices and comes away with those perfect 'griddle lines' so it looks yummy too.

Cast iron is also suitable for all heat sources, including induction.

France seems to produce the best cast iron cookware in the world - am sure it's because the French seriously understand how to cook! Chasseur enameled cast-iron cookware is manufactured in France. Constructed of double-enameled cast-iron, Chasseur comes in a variety of fun, bright colours that will cheer up even the gloomiest of kitchens - and makes for a lovely gift for your foodie friend or friends getting married

Chasseur is perfect for all cooks, novice cooks or experienced chefs who will be able to recreate traditional recipes or use their imaginations to create new ones. What's more, Chasseur products have featured on Masterchef Australia and they only endorse the best quality!

So if you're looking for some great quality pots and pans, a fondue set, tagine, baking dish or griddle pan look no further than Chasseur at Not the Mall.

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