What's in a Brand?

30 May 2013 | Brands at Not the Mall.co.za

South Africans are still reasonably reticent about buying online, compared to the rest of the world. 

Until recently credit card security has been a valid concern, but any website worth its weight in gold these days will have implemented a fully secure Thawte SSL certificate, which protects card holders 100%.  Third party payment facilities like Payfast are also fully secure these days, so as long as online shops have logos like the below advertised on their sites, you'll know they are bone fide and safe.

But what of the actual products?  You see a picture or two, and get a description but you can't touch and feel the product, which you may be about to pay lots of hard earned cash for.  That's where the value of a brand comes in.

People trust brands.  Would you hand over R4000 for a 9 piece set of pots and pans from a brand you've never heard of? Chances are not.  Would you pay that for a Jamie Oliver by Tfal 9-piece set?  Quite probably.

That's why we sell lots of very well known and reputable brands at Not the Mall - we trust the quality and more importantly we know our customers will too.  We do our best in providing enough info, pics etc to make an informed choice but at the end of the day we know our customers and not stupid - they will do their research and they will be brand (and price) savvy when it comes to buying online.

Fitting the bill are big brands such as Carrol Boyes, Jamie Oliver, Joseph Joseph, Weber, Diana Carmichael, Maxwell & Williams and Eva Solo to name but a few.

Having said all that, there are some fantastic local guys out there creating wonderful products and just because they are not a big recognisable brand, it doesnt mean their work is not well made or fabulous - in fact quite the opposite. 

At Not the Mall we like to think we can recognise top quality when we see it, so we love to champion the small guys too - brands like Fondant Textiles, Handmade by Me, Trudeau cheese boards, Falksalt, Recycabilia and Theresa Wormser ceramics are all producing fantastic work.

In terms of trust value when it comes to the lesser known brands, well you'll just have to trust US - and that's why we are working our b*tts off to build our own brand name - so that eventually our customers will trust Not the Mall to only recommend and sell the best!

Happy shopping all!